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20/4/2019                    West Coast MTB Challenge                        ENTRIES CLOSED

27/4/2019                    Omaruru Spar Road Cycling Challenge      ENTER HERE


12-13/4/2019               African Continental MTB Championships   ENTRIES CLOSED


1 - 3 /5/2019                Khomas Challenge MTB                             ENTRIES CLOSED

11/5/2019                    Otjiwa Eagle Ride MTB Challenge              ENTER HERE

11/5/2019                    Otjiwa Kiddies Ride MTB                            ENTER HERE

19 -24/5/ 2019             Namib Quest MTB                                      ENTER HERE 

15/6/ 2019                   Fish River Ultra (Running)                          ENTRIES CLOSED

22 - 27/6/2019             Quest Zimbabwe  2019                              MORE INFO                                     




2019 Windhoek Light Namib Quest