NamCF Registration

Ensure a smooth participation experience by registering for NamCF (Namibian Cycling Federation) today! With NamCF numbers now mandatory at the majority of cycling events in Namibia, it’s essential to secure your registration.

By obtaining your NamCF number, you’ll have access to a wide range of cycling events across the country. Don’t miss out on the action and camaraderie that these events offer. Register now and be part of the vibrant cycling community in Namibia!

Register Here

How to get a Permanent Timing Tag


Register on the NamCF website to obtain your NamCF number for cycling events.

Call Us

Call 081 260 1999 to schedule a suitable time for collecting your Permanent Tag.

Collect Tag

Visit our office at Walter Street to collect your Permanent Timing Tag and make a payment of N$300.

More Info

  • Your information is confidential and will only be used by NCF and Raceday Events.
  • Register with the correct information to obtain your exclusive NamCF number.
  • NamCF numbers are permanent and don’t require annual renewal.
  • Keep your username and password secure for future profile updates.
  • Purchase your Permanent Timing Tag after registering for your NamCF number.
  • Permanent timing tags are available at Raceday Events (13 A Walter Street) on specific days and times.
  • Call 081 260 1999 to confirm operating hours.
  • Timing Tag cost: N$ 300.00.