A Double Century Adventure in the Namib Desert

Welcome to the Namib Double Century MTB, an extraordinary race established in 2021 to contribute to the coastal community. Our commitment to giving back is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, covering all expenses, allowing us to donate the proceeds to deserving community-serving entities.

Embark on a unique adventure, starting from Windpomp 14 and back , as you traverse the stunning landscape of the Namib desert during daylight hours. Covering an impressive 200 km, offering an unparalleled experience for MTB enthusiasts.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind event that not only challenges your cycling abilities but also makes a positive impact on the local community. Register now and be a part of the Namib Double Century MTB, where passion for cycling meets the spirit of giving back.

Namib Double Century Race Info

Entry Fees

  • Solo Entry MTB – N$500
  • 2Man Team Entry MTB – N$1000
  • Solo Entry E-BIKE –  N$500
  • 2Man Team Entry E-BIKE – N$1000

Event Schedule

  • Briefing time: 1:30
  • Starting time:  E-Bikes 1:45
  • Starting time:  Solos 1:55
  • Starting time:  Teams 2:00
  • Cut off: 14:00 at Goanikontes
  • Prize giving: 14:30 at Goanikontes

General Info

Arrangements to note. All cyclist to gather at the end of the tar road C14, approx. 15km east of Walvis Bay just past the Army base turnoff. Race briefing will start at 1:30 sharp.

The race will officially start at 1:45 E-Bikes, 1:55 Solos and 2:00 for Teams.

All support vehicles will have to leave the starting zone no later than 1:30 and wait at checkpoint 1 (Vogelfederberg) for their riders.

The riders will have water available at a checkpoint or water point approx every 35km.

Please keep the following in minding help all involved to make this event an enjoyable experience for all:

  • It goes without saying, but we need to remind ourselves that we are quests to the park, no off-road driving, open fires or any form of littering.
  • Rule of the road will apply at all times and keep in mind we share the road with other visitors to the park.
  • All support vehicles to obtain their own permit at MET offices in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, for both vehicle and persons n the vehicle.
  • All vehicles should park on the left-hand side of the road, past any given checkpoint. Please do not park in the desert or in the lane of traffic. if you are unsure, please check in with the crew.
  • Support vehicles not to exceed traveling speeds of 80km/h at any time.
  • Vehicles to pass cyclist not exceeding 40km/h.
  • In case of any emergency, support/other cyclist to stay with the cyclist in distress until assistance arrives.
  • All bicycles to start the race with fictional head and back lights.

Route Info

Stage 1 – 40km

Starting zone at the beginning of the gravel section of the C14 at 1:45, follow to Vogelfederberg. Teams, both ideas to ride stage 1. All riders to report to the checkpoint after following the jeep track counter clockwise around Vogelfederberg, route will be clearly marked around Vogelfederberg. Everyone should be warmed up by now and ready to shift gears. All participants to obtain a sticker at this checkpoint.

Stage 2 – 65km

Decision time for the teams as only one rider per team to start stage 2, while the second rider takes a rest and join their backup vehicle. Solos, better get on with it and get back on the bicycle. Cyclists to head east on C14 for 20km, turn left on D1982 and follow D1982 for 34km to gang/Hotsas crossing, turn left and follow the gravel route for 11km to Volstruishoogte. All solo and 1st team riders to obtain a sticker upon arriving at this checkpoint.

Stage 3 – 65km

Congratulations, you have reached midway and it’s all downhill from here. Time for the second rider of each team to get into the saddle. Solos, you will know what to do. Head north, follow the gravel road for 11km to the C28. Turn left on the C28 and follow the C28 for 54km. Checkpoint 3 reached. All solo and 2nd team riders to obtain a sticker upon arriving at this point.

Stage 4 – 30km

It is time for the second cyclist to join their partner and enjoy the remainder of the race as a team to Goanikontes. Only 30km remaining. Follow the gravel road for 8km and turn left at the marked junction towards Goanikontes for 18km before you turn right and free-wheel all the way down to Goanikontes.


Goanikontes has showers and toilets as well as a restaurant and play area for the kids.

Namib Double Century Race Calendar

30 September 2023
N$500 - N$1000
Near Walvis Bay Airport, Walvis Bay