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  Gravel & Dirt Sundowner Series



The series will consist out of 8 races on the same track each time.

Hollard Namibia is the main sponsor of the series.

Raceday Events will manage the series.




This track is not open to cyclist for social rides on any other day or time as per dates advertised - doing so will result in DQ from the series and organiser running the risk of loosing the venue.


Men:        Open

Women:   Open

Age Restriction:

13 years of age on 31st of December 2021

Younger riders to be accompanied by adults


6 Best race results out of 8 based on a points system will determine the ranking.

Minimum of 6 races must be completed

Should 2 or more riders end up with an even amount of points after 6 races, the following rules will be applicable to determine the winner:

a.      1st-Most races completed.

b.      2nd Most nr of highest positions.

c.      3rd Highest position in final or last race.

Series Winners:

Series winners will receive prize money as well as trophies at the 2022 Gravel & Dirt Awards 


Start & Finish - HeJa Lodge - Southern Entrance


Arrive at the venue

Collect your refreshment voucher

Sign your indemnity (Provide name, surname and your tag nr)

NB!! Please do not stand around waiting for other riders to form groups.

Start your ride.

When your race is finished, enjoy a free drink sponsored by Hollard

Starting Times:

16h15 until 17h30 (Starts will close at 17h30 strictly)

Start on your own time when ready – make sure you hear your start beep when crossing the matts.

If you plan to do a slow ride, remember to fit a light on your bike, especially closer to the winter months.

Timing Cut off:


Entry Fees:

 We’ve made it easy for you

 No entry fees payable  - the ride is FREE

 No formal entry process

 CompulsoryPermanent timing tag registered in your name, participants are not allowed to ride with someone else’s tag - (This is the only way to identify you in case of an emergency on the track, riding with another riders tag means you are a different person to us with different personal and medical details and unfortunately we are not willing to take that risk) Cyclists making themselves guilty by riding with or giving a tag to another cyclists without approval  will be disqualified from the series, this is a serious offence.

Manual result corrections afterwards due to riding with incorrect tags will bear a correction fee of N$ 200.00 to be paid before we do any corrections.

 Compulsory - Indemnities must be signed before the start of the race - riding without signing the indemnity is not allowed and will be seen as a ride outside the Sundowner series and with no result and possible disqualification from the series.

No participation will be allowed without a permanent timing tag. Showing up for a ride without a tag just for fun and no timing are not allowed



See calendar & advert above

Bicycles and Race:

Any 2 wheel human-powered/ self-powered bicycle, MTB, Gravel Bike etc. Roadbike not recommended. 

TT Bars not allowed

E-Bikes will be allowed but will not be part of the series ranking.  We will require a signed indemnity only as well as a permanent tag.


No rider will be allowed to provide assistance to another rider in the form of slip, pulling or pushing, doing so will result in a disqualification or minimum time penalty of 10 minutes.

No shortcuts (concrete road from the boom to HeJa) or any other shortcut allowed..... riders must stay on the marked track.

Shortcuts will results in a disqualification from series.

HeJa Lodge

Heja Lodge will treat all finishers with a free drink sponsored by Hollard..


Winners of each race will receive medals – Positions 1,2 and 3 for men and women


No littering allowed