Namibia’s Time Trial Series

Join us for the highly anticipated annual Food Lover’s Time Trial Series, typically held between May and June. This incredible series provides a unique opportunity to test your road bike prowess while riding solo and measuring your true strength without the aid of a group or wind slip from others. The courses, approximately 20km each, offer varying levels of difficulty, promising an exciting challenge for all participants.

In this timed race, your position in your respective age category will determine your points. To qualify for the final podiums, make sure to participate in at least three out of the four races in this remarkable series. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer, the time trial series welcomes riders of all experience levels to take part in this exhilarating competition.

Mark your calendars and prepare for an extraordinary experience at the Food Lover’s Time Trial Series. Embrace the thrill of competing against the clock on the open road!

Images by: Randal Hinz

The Food Lover’s TT Series Info

Entry Fees

  • Entry Fees: N$ 400.00 for 4 races or N$150.00 per single race
  • Your entry is only valid when you’ve received an email confirmation from Athlinks and the entry is paid by EFT into the bank account as indicated on your confirmation email. (No cash payments on the day of the race will be accepted).
  • IMPORTANT: Your proof of payment must be emailed to by latest 09:00 the day before the race.
  • Entries will close every Tuesday morning 09:00 prior to the day of the race.
  • NO late entries will be allowed and no entries will be done at the race venue.

Race Categories

  • Elite Men/Women, Junior Men/Women and Sub Veteran Men/Women
  • Veteran Men/Women, Master Men/Women and Grand Master Men/Women
  • MTB Men & Women
  • Under 16 Boys/Girls, Under 14 Boys/Girls, Under 12 Boys/Girls and Under 10 Boys/Girls
  • Gear restrictions are compulsory for all younger ages

Event Schedule

  • Start Times: 15:00
  • Prize giving: We will inform all via email on date and venue.

General Rules

  • Permanent timing tags are compulsory and available at Raceday Events at N$ 300.00 each. You will need this number as well as your NamCF nr before you enter yourself on Chronotrack. No tags will be issued at the race venue.
  • Marshalls will be deployed on strategic points for traffic control and safety only. Cyclists must familiarise themselves with the route and still adhere to traffic rules.
  • No support vehicles or vehicles following riders will be allowed.
  • Riders must finish the TT with the same bike on which the race was started.
  • No slip streaming allowed, not behind another rider or behind any vehicle.
  • E-Bikes will not be allowed in the TT.
  • No sign on will be done at the start venue, your starting time will be emailed to you Tuesday afternoon – please make sure to be on time for your start, the announcer will call you in advance.  Should you miss your starting slot, you will be moved to the bottom of the list.

Route Info

First and third race will be from the top of Matchless and the second and fourth race will be from the Namwater Bridge on the Okahandja road.
Routes are approx 20km.


  • All categories up to U14 girls will do 8.6km, starting at Matchless going down (Direction Windhoek) for 4.3km and turn around at the old farm house on the northern side of the road to finish at Matchless turn off.
  • All other categories from U14 Boys and up will do 18.6 km’s, starting at Matchless turn off, going down ( Direction Windhoek) and turn at the bridge 9.3km from the start and finish at Matchless turn off.
  • An Orange cone and marshals will be placed at both turn around points. Please be careful at turning points and adhere to traffic rules. Always be aware of riders and vehicles coming from behind before you turn around.

Namwater Bridge – Okahandja road

  • All categories up to U14 girls will do 1 x Loop, Namwater Bridge (1st Bridge after the Roadblock to Okahandja) to the 1st Teufelsslucht Bridge, 6km in a northerly direction. Use the slipway, cross the highway via the bridge, and return in a southerly direction to the Namwater Bridge, 12km completed. Cross the finish mats.
  • All other categories: 1 x Loop, Namwater Bridge (1st Bridge after the Roadblock to Okahandja) to the 2nd Teufelsbach Bridge, 10km in a northerly direction. (6km to 1st bridge, 10km to 2nd bridge.) Use the slipway, cross the highway via the bridge, and return in a southerly direction to the Namwater Bridge, 20,42km completed. Cross the finish mats.


  • Points per race are as follows from 1st position onwards – 350, 330, 310, 290, 270, 250, 230, 210, 190, 170, 150, 130, 110, 100, 100, 100 etc.
  • In the case of 2 riders finishing with the same amount of points (draw) in a category, the best time of each rider at Matchless and Namwater Bridge will be combined and the fastest combined time will determine the winner. The overall winners will be determined by the points of their best 3 results and if the amount of points are the same as a rider in any other category or the same category the best combined Matchless and Namwater Bridge times will determine the winner.
  • At least 3 out of 4 races must be completed to qualify for a finishers medal and overall ranking. The best 3 results will determine your final ranking.

The Food Lover’s TT Series Calendar

31 May 2023
Time Trial 1
Matchless, Windhoek
7 June 2023
Time Trial 2
Namwater Bridge, Windhoek
14 June 2023
Time Trial 3
Matchless, Windhoek
21 June 2023
Time Trial 4
Namwater Bridge, Windhoek