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Provisional Calendar - Dates might change from time to time


 NOTE: We only coordinate and add dates to our Raceday Calendar, date allocations and approvals for all sanctioned must be done by the NCF. 

Should your date coincide with any other event date please negotiate with the respective race organisers or NCF for final approval/allocation.

Dates on this calendar are dates where Raceday Events do event management or do time keeping as well as all NCF sanctioned events or events where Raceday Events have some or other involvement in the event.

Any other dates can be displayed with approval from Raceday Events.




Dates to Remember


LRA 1:            11 June (4-6 hours)                  :           Aris Loop

LRA 2:            18 June (6-8 hours)                 :           Lollipop loop (Naankuse)

LRA 3:            9 July (8-10 hours)                  :           Gross Barmen

LRA 4 :           23 July (10-12 hours)              :           Us Crossing

LRA 5:            13 August (4-6 hours)             :           Nina Loop

LRA 6:            20 August (6-8 hours)             :           Kupfer/ Oanab

LRA 7:            10 September (8-10 hours)     :           D1535 pass airport

LRA 8:            22 October (10-12 hours)        :           Dordabis/Seeis loop

LRA 9:            5 November (4-6 hours)          :           Gobabis

LRA 10:          19 November (6-8 hours)        :           Surprise night ride