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Brandberg Mountain Crystal MTB Challenge



RED ROUTE:  Amathyst 210

      GREEN ROUTE: Mountain Crystal 160

       BLUE ROUTE: Mountain Crystal 74


 Amathyst 210 & Mountain Crystal 160

Both distances will start at 06:00 in Omaruru on the 30th of April at the Cental Hotel.

Coffee will be served free of charge from 05:30

06:00 will still be dark and to fit a light to your bike will be a wise decision.

The start will be controlled until the railway crossing on the D2315.


Follow the C33 towards Karibib for about 1.5km, turn right on the D2315 for about 52km, turn right at the T-Junction on the D2306 toward Okambahe for about 35km where you will arrive at the main support and checkpoint. You will find your support vehicle/crew at this point for the first and only time during the race.

To minimize dust, no support vehicles are allowed on the race route at all.

From this point continue on the D3712 towards Omatjete for about 3.5km where the Mountain Crystal 160 riders will turn left on the D3714 and ride for about 70km's towards Uis and the Amathyst 210 riders continue for another 26km towards Omatjete, where you turn left at the 4 Way stop in the middle of the village, follow the D2344 for about 40km and turn left on the D3715 for about 35km towards the D3714 T Junction, turn right where you will join up with the Mountain Crystal 160 & 74 riders for the last 20km's towards Uis 

Mountain Crystal 74

Your race will start at 10:00 at the main support and checkpoint and you will follow the same route as the Mountain Crystal 160 riders. 


We will set up sufficient waterpoints but riders must make provision to carry water for about 40 -45km between water points except for the 160km and 74km who will have a 54km section from the main support point/ Uis -Omaruru crossing to the next water point.

All the waterpoints will have water, Ice, Coca cola, Jelly Babies, cooked potatoes, bananas, water melon, biltong and pancakes as well as some energy products.



Sweep Vehicle

A Sweep vehicle will follow from  behind with basic spares for technical issues.


Two Medical standby vehicles will follow the race to attend to any medical emergencies.

Race Briefing

Detailed race briefing will be emailed on 25 April 2022

Race Registration

Central Hotel - Omaruru 17h30 - 19h00


Bookings via Raceday closes 25 April

Prize Giving

18:00 at Brandberg Rest Camp in Uis

Cut Off

18:00  (12 Hours to complete your distance)